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Strengthen your hand

Our focus is providing the systems infrastructure that you need to drive your business forward. We listen closely to what you want to achieve and deliver effective solutions that grow with your business.

Make it easy

We can design, supply, configure, install and support everything you need, whether based at your premises or off-site in the cloud. You can run your business while we run your technology.

Improve performance

Using SUNKODA technology & service, we can constantly monitor your systems, pre-emptively solve potential problems, ensure maximum availability of your critical business resources and improve operating performance.

Navigate the future

With over 5 years IT/ICT experience employees, our skills enable us to complement of your IT department. We deliver day-to-day operational support, and offer long-term strategic planning for your evolving requirements.

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About Sunkoda

Suzhou SUNKODA Technology Co., ltd. (SUNKODA) provides state-of-art IT/ICT solutions to our custumers, which are government, enterprise, education, and finance organization, SUNKODA provides from the solution to the day-to-day service.

  • Technology Inspires Business
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